What’s happend?

Friday, the children came. A beautiful day – inside our yurts – and out and about in the wild that surrounds. Mid-afternoon, the children left.

The weekend was quiet here. The autumn leaves continued their descent. Sunday came and went, like every other. The trees and goats and guinea pigs shared the garden. The rabbit and kittens walked about. The sun scaled the sky and then dropped down at the back. Sunday night arrived – on time – and then at midnight, I receive an email, saying your yurts are burning. The firemen couldn’t find our phone numbers – and they couldn’t save the yurts.

6:20am, a wake-up call. Fireman on the line. „Your yurts have burned down.“ 6:40am, I arrived at the scene.

What a catastrophe!

What was a nursery a day earlier, is no longer here! Two years of hard work and our lives are gone. Sadness and tears. Shock and collapse can come later. Now we have to start again.

Please help us build a new home for our 15 kids. We didn’t have the yurts insured. We feel terrible about that. But what’s done is done. Now we are fundraising and collecting every cent we can – to rebuild our dear yurts – insuring them in advance. I am sure we can do this. I’m sure we can continue this amazing project for all these amazing children. With your help, I believe we will succeed.

Here are two links, where you can help us: Hithit and Tomikup.